Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Rustic Hardwood Flooring

Rustic Hardwood Flooring: Four Ways to Choose the Right One For You

Rustic hardwood flooring provides the perfect foundation for cottage or country-style spaces. Its natural beauty and lived-in appeal brings a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. Flooring Canada offers a wide range of rustic hardwood floors, including collections from top name brands like Downs® Performance and Design Distinctions™. If you’re trying to decide which type of rustic hardwood flooring suits your home, there are four things you should know about:

1. Types

Hickory, maple and walnut are particularly popular species for rustic hardwood floors, but you can find them in many others as well (some in solid or engineered form). All have prominent graining and variations that provide a natural look, but there may be differences in durability and maintenance. Some many require frequent cleaning and care, while others like Downs® Performance Merengue Rustic Hickory, Maple, Walnut and Cherry are backed by powerful warranties against scuffs and stains.

2. Characteristics

The unique details of rustic hardwood flooring can create a worn look, timeless appeal, and even a sense of history. Hand scraping and distressing produce marks one might have found on a floor crafted by artisans many years ago. Stippling and chatter marks produce a distinctive texture and appearance. Plus, these accents can help to camouflage wear and tear from heavy foot traffic. The rich details of Flooring Canada’s Design Distinctions™ Hawser Rustic Hickory, Walnut and Ash floors give each plank rich character and exceptional durability.

3. Colors

The color of a rustic hardwood floor can accentuate the wood’s natural look, show off its graining and fine details, or give it a warmer feel to make your space seem cozier. You can find rustic hardwood flooring in an array of different colors and finishes to suit your style. Design Distinctions™ Rustic Hickory, for example, is available in a number of colors, ranging from light chestnut or country to dark chocolate or charcoal.

4. Price

Rustic hardwood floors may be pricier than other floors, but it makes a smart investment for any homeowner. These floors not only beautify your room, but can also add significant resale value to your home. Plus, with the buying power of more than 500 stores nationwide, Flooring Canada is able to offer you the highest-quality rustic hardwood flooring at some of the lowest prices in the market.


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